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About Us

We view the home as a perfect shelter, a place where we can totally relax within a harmonious structure of colours and shapes that influences our feelings and mood to foster a sense of inner calm. All our homes reflect different and significant aspects of our personality, our life and our changing priorities, evolving gradually over time, while retaining their original character. They reflect our tastes and our passions, our aesthetic code and our profound need for comfort and functionality. We always felt deeply passionate about homes, even before we launched Siddharth Designers. We would like to share our vision and philosophical approach to living with the rest of the world. We want to create interiors in which people feel at ease and improve the aesthetic quality of their lives.

The mission of Siddharth Designers is the creation of very special atmospheres, while responding to the specific needs of functionality of a modern living. The environment of Siddharth Designers conveys a calm and peaceful feeling, an invitation to enter a dimension of clear lines, essential forms, perfect proportions and excellent materials. It is the expression of a cultivated aesthetic code, unaffected by seasonal trends, the achievement of a contemporary stylistical research. The result is a balanced and harmonious juxtaposition of settings, a fluid path that invites to linger in the various environments: dining, living, bedroom. A global atmosphere in which furniture, accessories, fabrics and decorations merge in a single, interactive dimension, enveloped by the magic of light, modulated to emphasise pure forms, wood essences and details of an object.